Webinar Series

Finding Alignment To Engage Partners

How to attract and engage US corporate partners

March 10, 2021

According to philanthropic researcher Candid, since 2006, 718 funders have made 10,639 grants valued at $1.5 billion to over 2000 recipients through corporate giving programs or company sponsored foundations to support activities in Africa. The vast majority have supported initiatives in Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa — presumably corresponding to where the corporations have the strongest local presence.

Challenges organizations face when seeking to engage with corporations include:

  • understanding how to effectively connect with them
  • recognizing the full value of what the corporations have to offer beyond monetary support
  • understanding how to align their own interests with those of the corporations
  • and knowing how to differentiate themselves from other organizations when making a case for support or support applying for funding.

Those factors, along with the cost of finding useful information, deprive many organizations the opportunity to access the funding and other resources offered by corporations.

Against that backdrop, this webinar is designed to shed light on how to effectively attract and engage U.S. corporate partners.