Myriad unlocks the full potential of international philanthropy

Myriad: Alliance for Borderless Giving

Whether you are an individual donor, a multinational corporation, or a nonprofit organization looking for funding from around the world, too many barriers stand in the way. Myriad – the alliance for borderless giving – was launched in 2021 to tackle this issue.

Myriad was established at the initiative of the King Baudouin Foundation and Give2Asia families. Together, we are building a global alliance that connects donors with trusted charities around the world to encourage, stimulate, and facilitate borderless giving.

Current members of Myriad:

KBF (Brussels, Belgium): Serving donors in Belgium and across Europe together with the Transnational Giving Europe network.

KBFUS (New York, NY, USA): Serving donors in the USA, primarily supporting charities based in Europe and Africa.

KBF Canada (Montreal, Canada): Serving donors in Canada to develop and manage projects internationally.

Give2Asia (Oakland, CA, USA): Serving donors in the USA, supporting charities in 23 countries across the Asia-Pacific.

Give2Asia Foundation Ltd (Hong Kong SAR, PRC): Serving donors giving internationally from Hong Kong SAR, PRC.

Give2Asia Australia (Melbourne, Australia): Serving Australian donors seeking to support poverty alleviation and other causes internationally.

For more information, see If you have further questions about the alliance, contact us at +1 (212) 713 7660 or email